[Marxism] Video: What if the Tea Party was Black?

johnaimani johnaimani at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 15 09:49:45 MDT 2010

  Actually, the link was forwarded as 1.) a bit of good humor; and, 2.) 
as an example of rap being used to comment of social issues as opposed 
to the corporatively sponsored and promoted bling-wearing usual 
suspects' comments on some woman's ass, or on the size of the hole  in 
some dead niggah's ass.

However, now that the subject is broached, there is a qualitative 
difference between the governmental response between the Tea Party of 
the 2010s and the Black Panther Party (and others including the mainly 
white SDS) of the 1960s.

How many government infiltrators, agents-provacateur, bent on inspiring 
violence of little, in any, social significance but carrying long prison 
sentences, are there placed in the Tea Party as opposed to what 
transpired with the BPP, etc?

Why does the gov't treat as expressions of the excersising of 'free 
speech' the carrying of guns, even military semi- and fully automatic 
weapons by these racists; whereas the brandishing of such weapons by the 
Party was treated as a matter of national security?

To turn this effort into a referendum on the sagacity of Tim Wise is to 
miss the point.


On 11:59 AM, Joseph Catron wrote:
> While I hate to cross-advertise, and imagine that it's probably a violation
> of some protocol I haven't read, I can't help but suggest that those buying
> into this discourse should consider popping over to the LBO-Talk archives (
> http://mailman.lbo-talk.org/pipermail/lbo-talk) and seeing what Doug Henwood
> has already had to say about this. Here's a sample:
> "As always with Tim Wise, you have to wonder what political practice is
> inspired by this argument. That the cops should bust the heads of white
> TPers as if they were black? That, as Melissa Harris-Lacewell implied, they
> should be arrested for sedition? Or that we should admire Tim Wise [and also
> this guy] for asking the tough questions?"
> Also, as a frequent listener of WBAI, my only honest response to the query,
> "What if a black commentator said this or that inflammatory thing," is: Are
> you fucking kidding me? Because such things are certainly said. Not that I
> necessarily take offense or have a problem with it. But pretending that such
> scenarios are purely hypothetical strikes me as a little silly, ahistorical,
> and a bit disrespectful of the actual history of black radicalism in the
> United States.

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