[Marxism] Evil Bible

Paul Flewers rfls12802 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 13:39:25 MDT 2010

Lou P wrote: 'It should be mentioned that the homophobic Christian and
Jewish fundamentalists often refer to Leviticus to support punishing gays,
but the book is filled with ridiculous injunctions against all sorts of
other practices that would result in the killing of probably 90 percent of

That's precisely when knowing some of the daft transgressions demanding the
death sentence comes in handy. If I come across a Bible-basher fulminating
against gays, I ask him or her whether I'd should be sentenced to death for
doing something utterly trivial -- such as eating black pudding -- as doing
that and being gay are equally reprehensible according to Leviticus.

Use the Bible's absurdities against the religious bigots; turn their own
main weapon against them.

Paul F

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