[Marxism] A Review of International Socialist Review on “Contemporary Anarchism”

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 15:34:31 MDT 2010


International Socialist Review on “Contemporary Anarchism”

Tom Wetzel for Ideas and Action

The word “anarchism” is a rather vague word that covers such a wide
variety of political views and approaches it is often hard to see how
they have anything in common. This means it is also probably not very
productive to produce “critiques” of anarchism that lump the many
different viewpoints together. This problem is on display in the most
recent critique of “contemporary anarchism” offered up by the
International Socialist Organization in their magazine ISR. A weakness
of the article is that it offers only brief pit stops at the various
anarchist or libertarian socialist tendencies.

Unlike some previous ISO critiques, this article, written by Eric
Kerl, does make an effort to discuss the historically dominant form of
libertarian socialist politics — revolutionary syndicalism and, in
general, forms of libertarian socialism oriented to working class
struggle and mass organizing. But it’s treatment is superficial....

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