[Marxism] Utah nativism

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 13:12:27 MDT 2010

Machetera is correct, this Spanish news item, Correo del Orinoco (Venezuelan paper) says in Spanish "Según, la nota de prensa, el documento estaba firmado por los denominados ‘Concerned Citizens of the United States’ (Ciudadanos Preocupados de EEUU), por lo que se presume que la carta fuese emitida por un nuevo Ku Klux Klan, que pretende controlar los desplazamientos de los latinos en esta nación norteamericana."

In Engilsh, it reads "According to the press release, the document was signed by so-called 'Concerned Citizens of the United States' (U.S. Concerned Citizens), so it is presumed that the letter was issued by a new Ku Klux Klan, which is aimed at controlling movement of Latinos in the American nation."

Although it seems clear that this letter has it roots in the racist anti-immigrant movement (even more alarming, it is very likely that such a list could not have been made without the express involvement of government functionaries/employees), it is important to maintain accuracy about the origins of this event. 

As I mentioned above, the more alarming aspect of this letter is the organized participation of government employees and/or their leaders. This potential fact should be more disturbing and indicative of the extent to which the reactionary Arizona legislation and its other clones is raising the potential for fascist-like mass organization against Latinos. I say "potential fact" because we cannot also leave out the possibility that right wing elements have some form of illegal access to State of Utah records, that there is simple incompetence by State employees, non-secure State records systems, or a combination. 


" The list was leaked by the KKK."


> What the Correo del Orinoco article is actually saying is not  
> precisely that the list was leaked by the KKK but by a "new [kind of]  
> Ku Klux Klan" which goes by the name "Concerned Citizens of the United  
> States."
> Machetera


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