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Sat Jul 17 01:47:11 MDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 11:18 PM, Joaquín Bustelo
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> On 7/16/2010 5:08 PM, Greg McDonald quoted Machetera and then replied:
>>> >  What the Correo del Orinoco article is actually saying is not
>>> >  precisely that the list was leaked by the KKK but by a "new [kind of]
>>> >  Ku Klux Klan" which goes by the name "Concerned Citizens of the United
>>> >  States."
>>> >
>>> >  Machetera
>> This is supercilious Machetera. Either it was the Klan or wasn't the
>> klan.  There is only one KKK in Utah, and it is not new, nor is KKK
>> reaction against immigration new.
> Machetera (and Manuel) are absolutely right. And so is Correo del
> Orinoco in calling this outfit "A new Ku Klux Klan group." If someone is
> being supercilious, it ain't machetera. Whatever problem Greg has, he
> should get over it. We need maximum unity against this reactionary
> anti-immigrant offensive, not goofy nit-picking.

Goofy nit-picking? hahaha.

Look, if it isn't the Klan, then I'm sure they will appreciate the
notoriety.  I don't think it is too much to expect of a news
organization to get a story right about a "new Klan group" surfacing
in Utah. Perhaps they should have said "a new white supremacist
organization of the KKK type" or something, but to call it a new klan
group when it is not a new klan group is just bad reporting.  But
lookit, for all we know, it IS the KKK behind the "concerned citizens"
leak. Whoever it is, I think we can all agree it's pretty outrageous.
And if you think I'm being nit-picky then I apologize.

BUT, this kind of activity did not arise out of nowhere. A culture has
been fostered among various state governments by officials in ICE, who
have gone through state government channels (state police) in order to
request that private employers check the social security numbers of
their employees against the actual database in order to weed out and
fire undocumented immigrants. This happened at my former workplace in
massachusetts before I was fired for helping to bring a class action
lawsuit against my employer, and it has happened and continues to
happen in various workplaces all across the country. If anything, the
pace of such activity, which represents an active collusion between
private enterprise and ICE, has accelerated under the Obama

> Where does that Ku Klux Klan characterization come from? Not from a
> study of detailed intelligence about whether the oinkers who perpetrated
> this outrage have white sheets in their closet or colonial-era costumes
> of the minutemen or 1950's John Bircher suits.

Then perhaps it should have!! BTW, The Birchers are not known for
their racism, as was pointed out to me recently by Hunter Gray.
They're primarily an anti-communist outfit.

> You've got to understand that this crap is seen by pretty much all
> Latinos who aren't miserable pitiyanquis (and even some that are!) as an
> attack on all of us. That's why, for example, Argentina has joined with
> Ecuador in filing briefs against SB-1070, in a bloc with everyone from
> Fidel to Felipe Calderon.

I've been arguing the same thing on this list for well over a year
now, but most folks here seem to have thought that the critique of the
ultra-right represents a demagogic smear of the Democratic party
variety and as such is overblown, taking people's attention away from
the real problems going on with the current faction of the capitalist
party in the White
House. Hell, I was even criticized for posting information on racist
organizations because it came from the pro-zionist Southern Poverty
outfit. Of course, this was before the current legal situation in the
state of Arizona, and it's good to see comrades have picked up the

> That is in reaction to the REALITY that, when it comes to Latinos, and
> especially immigrants, the United States is increasingly dominated by a
> lynch mob hysteria. And before you say, oh, don't exaggerate, what lynch
> mob, ask the coroners of the border counties in Arizona what the body
> count is this year for deaths in the desert.

The National Socialist Party has paramilitaries on the AZ border
hunting and shooting border crossers, and the deaths are being
portrayed in the AZ MSM as on account of Mexican gangs and drug wars.

> But of course it's not so much these deaths but rather the uncertainty,
> the insecurity, the breaking up of families, which has INCREASED under
> Obama, that is terrorizing the community. For the MAJORITY of the Latino
> community in the United States, apartheid is he reality. This country
> has become a totalitarian fascist nightmare.

> Those who fear an apartheid, fascist, ultrarightist or totalitarian
> regime in the United States need to understand that they do so from a
> position of PRIVILEGE.
> Tens of millions, not just the undocumented, but their often-legal
> spouses and their mostly U.S.-born children, their siblings or parents
> or cousins or friends, NO LONGER have been allowed to have even the
> illusion that they have some rights the white man is bound to respect.
> They have been Dred Scotted even WITHOUT the new laws saying, where are
> your papers, English-only, and you have to have a government permit to
> be allowed to rent an apartment or buy a house.

I posted an article here last year from the Nation magazine discussing
the clandestine Office Park gulag of private prisons designed to
warehouse immigrants in perpetuity, and it got zero response.

> I don't think people, at least not ones with family responsibilities,
> are coming here for better "opportunities" as they may have done ten
> years ago. They're still coming, but now driven by desperate need or
> terrorism.
> Because what they meet here is an incredibly hostile environment, very
> different from that which prevailed before 9/11.
> My daughter told me today about a small incident illustrating this
> mounting hysteria. She was talking with a life guard at the neighborhood
> pool where she is one of the coaches. This gavacho said something more
> or less like that at least at this pool he could swim, because at the
> other pool where he works "there are too many dirty immigrants."
> And my daughter isn't blonde haired or blue eyed, and her first name
> isn't Elizabeth or Blanche and her last name isn't Smith or Washington.
> Obviously this guy is an anglo. And he is a moron. But I repeat myself.


I keep an eye on this kind of thing in north georgia, where I frequent
the pools in Clarkesville and Gainesville. I was just thinking the
other day how refreshing it was to swim in a multi-colored pool
without having to hear some racist remarks. For the most part my pool
experience has been unsullied by this kind of behavior, but perhaps I
spend too much time with my ears under water.

> Yet what does it say that he is speaking this way and especially to one
> of the swim team coaches, and the leading babysitter in this 'hood to
> boot? That tells you what the atmosphere is like among the reactionary
> anglos. "Estan botados por la calle del medio" as the old Cuban malaprop
> has it.
> And THAT (plus a couple of hundred years of history along the same
> lines) is what creates the OTHER side. This is a continental (anglos say
> hemispheric, but we don't have as many continental divides) community
> that is increasingly realizing that we are one people, that we are one
> nation and that we are the ones that Obama stole the "Yes We Can" tag
> line from. Except we're talking about a different "we" than the one
> Obama meant, a we that has a common destiny -- because we have a common
> enemy.
> That enemy has a name --American imperialism-- but it also has a face,
> millions of faces. And the clash between those faces and ours is growing
> uglier by the day.
> THAT is what the KKK reference is about. It's about explaining what is
> going on in terms that people with only a very limited background
> knowledge about the United States will understand. Because it is
> important that they know that this is their struggle, and their war, if
> it comes to that. Which it well may, especially if the gavachos don't
> muzzle their mad dogs and we have to deal with them.
> Joaquín
> A terminological note: gavachos = the French invaders of Mexico in the
> middle of the 1800's ... and their political descendants.

Another terminological note: Let's all keep an eye out for that new
KKK outfit called the "Concerned Citizens of the United States".


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