[Marxism] Anthony Bourdain on Harvey Pekar II

Larry Damms larrydamms at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 13:26:42 MDT 2010

DW wrote:

>I think Kozloff makes *some* good points, objectively. But...he is 
trying to

>fit Bourdain into a PC version of himself, projecting onto Bourdain what

>"ought" to support. There is a pedantic arrogance in Kozloff's essay 

>reeks of guilty liberalism.

This mirrors exactly my perspective. Kozloff describes the dynamics and effects, ecological and social, of the global meat protein complex well enough. But his politics are preachy, voluntaristic, and worthless, easily assimilable within the logic of upscale green consumerism that is the province of the liberal professional class. Bleah.


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