[Marxism] Frank Fried memoirs online

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Sat Jul 17 15:13:32 MDT 2010

Frank Fried has posted memoirs on his Web site:

http://showbizred.com <http://showbizred.com/>

I met Frank last January, having read about his role in an SWP-sponsored 
defense campaign in the late 1940s in Chicago for a black man who had 
shot and killed his (black) landlord, a case I had not known about. 
Frank was a Cochranite, but I had never heard about him--or much of 
anything, really, about that early 1950s struggle--during my sojourn in 
the SWP.
     Some list members might find some of his commentaries interesting. 
Here's a note Frank sent out today about his Web site. David

Dear friends, I want to let you know about my new web site. You'll 
remember when I was trying to do a book, which never happened, for a 
number of reasons. I've been looking it over and thought I might as well 
do something useful with it.

With help from my editor, Ted, I've revised and corrected some stuff, 
and added some new material, including some storytelling on video. 
There's an index of people who show up in the stories, and there's a 
comments area.

I wasn't sure about this, but Ted thinks there's a lot of material 
that's valuable. I hope he's right. And we're having fun with it.

If you read it, I hope you'll bookmark it and check back from time to 
time. Even better, I hope you'll click on "Comment" and tell me what you 
think about any or all of it.

Best regards to you,


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