[Marxism] Anthony Bourdain on Harvey Pekar II,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 09:04:21 MDT 2010

Greg, don't eat meat! That's terrible the physical reaction to it you
get...especially about cheese. At the ISO conference I talked with a few
people from the meat forum about their vegetarianism and how it was "The
Cheese" that kept them from going "all the way" to veganism.

I think the reaction you received is fairly typical at most dinner tables. I
think the difference is that to become a vegetarian one 'makes a step', a
lifestyle change, that requires parsing out why you are doing this. Thus
they are more serious about the issue in general. Meat eaters don't have to
do that as they are simply following what they know or what they've done by
custom. So the reaction is highly un-intellectual, usually laced with barbs
and humor or both. Vegetarians take this lifestyle far more seriously. For
meat eaters it's "I eat meat", period. And of course for *most* vegetarians
and even vegans they *live* in a meat eating world and while many have a
sort of evangelical aspect of their lifestyle, most "simply get along" with
meat eaters and it's not an issue. The overwhelming majority of such
dinner-table discussions are like that. Both 'sides' joust a little, then
laugh, eat, and be merry.

Bourdain has discussed the problem as a chef...it's all where he starts from
remember. As the NYT article link too by Louis' previous post here, notes,
his views from Kitchen Confidential, his Memoir, is a literal handbook to
the proletarian line cooks in the back of the kitchen and he is adored for
that reason. I doubt that he has to ever pay for a meal in a sitdown eatery
anywhere the book has been translated. Everything comes back to that. And
while he is extremely acerbic and dismissive in this 2000 book (yes, his
views evolved since then) toward vegans he makes very good points that ought
to be considered by the evangelical among you on this question.


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