[Marxism] Out of whack (was: Abstract labor)

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx xxxxxxx99 at xxxxxxx.xxx
Sun Jul 18 09:40:27 MDT 2010

I agree with Hans’ objections to Angelus Novus characterization
of abstract labor. Of course, there isn’t much point in me commenting further
since Novus is not in the list anymore.He was correctly expelled for being “out
of whack with the obvious agenda of Marxmail” which includes, but is not
restricted to, items like Lebron’s decision or endorsement of rape. 

Things like the Grundrisse, or any of Marx’s Talmudic
concepts, as the ample evidence provided by the moderator has shown, are really
only meant to distract workers and trade-unionists (say like Dan Koechlin, who
was just starting a discussion on Kondratieff cycles, a subject which this
other Talmudic priest, Ernest Mandel, paid some attention to). 


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