[Marxism] Pekar crankiness?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 18 10:38:55 MDT 2010

John A Imani wrote:
> By a friend of mine: Mr. Pekar by Gary Phillips I came to Harvey
> Pekar's work late in the game.  Well, actually, somewhere in my
> stacks of unorganized comic books dating back to the '60s, I have a
> couple of his then self-published American Splendors.  But it wasn't
> until this century I finally dug what he was doing.  Pekar, who died
> last Monday at 70, was the cranky everyman who turned his neuroses
> and obsessions, and living in Cleveland as a Veterans Administration
> hospital file clerk, into low brow art. 

Google hits for "Pekar" and "cranky" = 23,900.

I imagine that he was cranky with people, but in all the conversations I 
had with him on the phone about our project, he was infinitely patient 
and supportive. Perhaps this was a function of his respect for my 
lifetime of devotion to the cause of socialism or perhaps because he had 
figured out that I was an even bigger curmudgeon than him. Who knows? 
But unless you were a first-class prick like David Letterman or some 
pretentious literary figure, Harvey would probably be kind and gracious. 
That's my opinion anyhow.

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