[Marxism] Out of whack (was: Abstract labor)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Jul 18 11:50:56 MDT 2010

Mark Lause wrote:
> > 
> One of the major problems in our civiliaation at this point--it isn't
> restricted to this list of the movement--is the confusion with online
> communities, email lists, etc., with RL.  Anyone can argue anything anywhere
> they want, including online, but the real test is going to be out there in
> the real world.

I agree with Mark's substantive point here, but I think the stark
opposition of e-lists & RL won't quite hold. "RL" includes a good deal
of gabbling -- even an infantry platoon in combat probably spends more
time talking than they spend pulling the trigger. Some wag in the CIA
suggested the way to defeat the "Viet Cong" was to parachuted down into
their areas mimeograph machines and plenty of paper. They then would
spend so much time propagandizing each other that they would forget to
fight. But of course their military power was grounded primarily in
their talk, not their guns. It _was_, of course, mostly talk tied to
practice, which unfortunately is not and probably cannot be tied to
ongoing practice. But that still doesn't  necessarily cut it off from
RL, for an abstract understanding of the dynamics of capitalism, as well
as an abstract understanding (at a somewhat more concrete level) of the
policies of the core capitalist nations is part of RL, and those issues
_can_ be nibbled at seriously, if not resolved, on an e-list.

I still think, however, that daily current-events simply cluttter the
list, with not conceivable relation even to the events they chronicle.


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