[Marxism] Out of whack (was: Abstract labor)

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 13:59:07 MDT 2010

The distinction I made between RL and electronic associations was more
specific.  The point originally was between a party that would "expell"
people and an email list or blog or online community of some sort that has
no such ability to discipline anything over anything...or, indeed, no
democratic mechanisms that provide any legitimacy for such collective
self-definitions.  My broader point is that it's an illusion that these
thins represent something of political weight in the real world.  Yes, we
talk in the real world and we "talk" here, but I'm talking about having a
material dent on the political universal.

In the material political universe, I'm one of those people who gets very
persnickety about questions of democratic rights....not because of some
abstract value but because they are the only way the a movement can be
clearly aware of and respond to the world around us.

What happens on an email list or a blog or an online community doesn't
matter in that way.  If they want, anyone on this list can probably "speak"
with the same "volume" online whether they're on this list or not.

Then, too, there are tons of lists and blogs on which I would not be
welcome...which is fine, because my purposes involve discussion and
persuasion...not venting.  I'd rather not be on something like a pro-Obama
Howard Dean list, if it's just going to be a waste of time.  That doesn't
mean that I want to shoot them or that I defend their right to shoot me.

It's an email list.


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