[Marxism] Out of whack

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 18 14:06:04 MDT 2010

XxxxXxxx XxYyXxx:

> I agree with Hans’ objections to Angelus Novus characterization of 
> abstract labor. Of course, there isn’t much point in me commenting 
> further since Novus is not in the list anymore.

I am planning on giving Hans' post the reply it deserves tomorrow (and Charles over on lbo-talk).  I have spent the weekend watching football and am too unconcentrated to respond now.

I am glad that Hans and Charles take these issues seriously and don't write stuff like the following:

> Things like the Grundrisse, or any of Marx’s Talmudic concepts, as the 
> ample evidence provided by the moderator has shown, are really only meant > to distract workers and trade-unionists


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