[Marxism] Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: THANK YOU MY BROTHAH!!!!!

pat costello pat.costello412 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 17:00:41 MDT 2010

Amen, Amen, and a great big effin' AMEN!!!!

I am not interested in calling out anybody for being an agent which i
think plays into the hands of the real agents but sexism on the left,
the dead mouse on the kitchen floor that nobody wants to acknowledge
needs to be acknowledged. And this is no wholesale bashing of the
left: There are many good, sincere brothers who truly care about
womens' issues.

I have experienced much indifference (at best) and even disdain for
women's issues among men on the left. It pains me to read, for
example, marxists on this site defending Roman Polanski's rape of a
young girl, sexist comments against Hillary Clinton and CNN reporter
Candy Crowley and more. You are the same people who would be offended
(and rightfully so) by a racist attack on Barack Obama.

I remember back in the early 80's being told by (an African-American)
leader of the SWP that women's rights was a very secondary struggle
compared to racism. He was even offended that I could have likened the
two struggles. I was hurt and stunned but, hey, I kept the faith. Even
though i had close friends in the gay movement, i was told that it was
a very "petite bourgeoisie" movement, not worthy of our efforts. That
hurt, too.

have i personally witnessed the following? oh hell yeah!

"But his misogyny didn’t end there; it was also reflected in his style
of organizing. In meetings he always spoke the loudest and longest,
using academic jargon that made any discussion excruciatingly more
complex than necessary. The academic-speak intimidated people less
educated than him because he seemed to know more about radical
politics than anyone else. He would talk down to other men in the
group, especially those he perceived to be less intelligent than him,
which was basically everybody. "

Hello o o o o o ! ? ? ? ? ?

Is this place just an echo chamber for "Grouchy Old (Marxist) Men" or
are you interested in having young, working-class people of both
genders posit their ideas. I have asked this before and met nothing
but disdain so i do not expect much. oh, yeah right, its all about
people being able to freely debate. don't dare discuss trotsky or
stalin but sexist comments are fine and dandy!

A dear friend of mine, a red diaper baby in her 80's, tells me about
how her parents would urge her to sell CP tracts to "the Schwartzes",
the African-American maids who cleaned their house. Racism back then
was not such a big deal. I could so relate!

Excellent quote from this article:

"To paraphrase bell hooks, where there is a will to dominate there can
be no justice, because we will inevitably continue reproducing the
same kinds of injustice we claim to be struggling against. It is time
for our movements to undergo a radical change from the inside out."

so, my brothers, check the testosterone at the door. We love you and
need you but not your speeches and superiority.

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