[Marxism] Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: THANK YOU MY BROTHAH!!!!!,

pat costello pat.costello412 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 05:30:15 MDT 2010

Joonas Laine:

On this list I've learned a lot about the class question and the
national question, I've gotten wind of tons of good books on various
topics, but on the gender question - almost nothing. What a mystery!

Me: Yeah, funny thing, that!

See Exhibit A below.

Shane Mage:

It should pain anyone not a prurient philistine to see anyone claiming
"feminism" pitch in with the LA DAs and Rush Limbaughs in their
(thankfully futile--but at what cost) jihad to send a great artist who
is also an elderly Holocaust survivor, victim of the atrocious murder
of his wife and unborn child, and extortion victim into the dungeons
of the California penal system, prey (as a supposed "pedophile") to
the violent whims of any antisemite or racist inmate or guard.

Me: You apparently agree with Polanski's rich friends that a wealthy
man who made movies and lived through World War II should have license
to rape (i.e., have non-consensual sex which he admits to) children
(13 years old is a child)? By the way, that was something he did quite
a bit. He wrote about fucking young girls in his autobiography. He
just got arrested for it once. Maybe he still does it! He's rich and

As Norman Finklestein has pointed out, the definition of "holocaust
survivor" keeps growing and growing! Polanski was never in a
concentration camp. He did "flee communist oppression" however.

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