[Marxism] Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: THANK YOU MYBROTHAH!!!!!

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 19 07:40:30 MDT 2010

At 21:05 18/07/10 +0100, Patrick Scott wrote:
>http://bit.ly/aPOurG   <<<<<<<

Thanks for posting this GREAT article, whose link I've repeated for anyone
that missed reading it the first time (almost all of you!). The fact that
such a hard-hitting attempt to confront the left's faults in these regards
receives largely a lukewarm to hostile response on this list, is just
further evidence of the problem itself. So I'm not posting to back up the
theses of this piece -- it speaks quite well for itself -- but to emphasize
its *immediate* relevance to problems facing the growth of the left
(however you define "left"). For instance, I've been following the
interesting and VALUABLE discussion on this list about "democratic
centralism" and various conceptions of Leninism which have had such
disastrous effects over the years. But here our attention is called to what
is equally reprehensible: when those who promote socialist revolution as a
long-term solution to racism and sexism are quite often unable to take
short-term measures -- or even acknowledge the problem! -- when it
(predictably) occurs in our own midst. And then I see people lamenting that
(for instance) women's rights activists aren't signing up with socialist
groups but putting their faith in liberals, WITHOUT ever asking whether the
record of the left has been so much more admirable (I said the "record,"
not the "program" gathering dust on the bookshelf).

So please prove me wrong, but from the initial response on this list (with
notable exceptions: thank you Pat!) I gather that everyone reads that there
is a problem with (for instance) sexism in the left, and thinks it's
talking about OTHER people (or worse: other parties) on the left, not
really MY concern. But this is hardly the first article to make these
points (though one of the better ones) and if the charges sound new, that
shows how much they have been ignored/denied in the past.

Mark's initial response, while not expressing hostility to the article
(just toward Pat who had actually read the article and taken it to heart!)
is almost amusing. First, it reveals that he hadn't read past the first few
pages of this (lengthy) piece, and wrote his obligatory response to make
some valid but banal observation about police informers. Except that the
main point of the article wasn't really that cops are sexist but that
sexism/racism/homophobia within OUR groups which is tolerated (or worse)
DOES THE COPS' JOB FOR THEM! Again, I'm not writing to repeat that point
but to ask that it not be swept under the rug "because it applies to those
other groups/individuals and 'we' disassociate ourselves from them and have
a superior program and ....."

I'd like to see some thoughtful discussion, here, for if "Marxists" are not
capable of effectively addressing matters that millions/billions of
oppressed people are aware of, then merely correcting some mistakes
regarding Leninism isn't going to do the trick :-(

- Jeff

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