[Marxism] Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: THANK YOU MY BROTHAH!!!!!,

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 17:44:11 MDT 2010

"although I think it was motivated by a legit desire to make sure we don't avoid dealing with our own house, so to speak."

I appreciate that Indeterminatus would want to credit "unconditional positive regard" for a comment that appears to want "us" to "deal with our own house". However, I would simply ask the question "Which house is that?" The nation-state house of "America" where women's rights are pawned by lesser-evil Democrats to get enough reactionary votes to sell a bogus health insurance plan? Or, is it the house of reality where women are raped and beaten with amazing impunity or, like Sakineh, thought of as cheap and responsible for this abuse themselves? Or is it the Marxist house where the struggle for women's liberation is a "question" to be addressed once we get the more important issues set straight? When we speak about Sakineh Ashtiani and the political questions raised by this campaign, this IS our house. 

This discussion arose out of the problem that sexism has played in the infiltration by the government and how that sexism has facilitated that infiltration. And, when some women chime in, no matter how unsophisticated or even un-serious it may seem to you, all many of you can do is flail your arms (metaphorically) about calling women out to say something. What, you don't feel you have a stake in that discussion? So many of you had no trouble yapping incoherently about the national question (well, yeah, it's true that some of that was to show how much some people hate the national question but it didn't stop you, did it?). What's the problem here?


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