[Marxism] "Palestinian antisemitism?" -- I don't think so!

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 19 18:07:19 MDT 2010

Now this has to be the most pathetic, and UNFAIR, comparison when someone
"dared" to post an article concerned with sexist (and racist and
homophobic) behaviour in the movement.......

At 21:09 19/07/10 +0100, Ian Pace wrote:
>How would those of you playing the moral high ground here deal with genuine 
>anti-semitism (and it's certainly there) in amongst pro-Palestinian 
You don't deserve it but I'll give you an answer! I can only speak
definitively regarding the Netherlands, but here Palestine solidarity
actions and organizing PROHIBIT antisemitism, period. Anyone bringing an
antisemitic sign to a demo is ejected. Period. Antisemitic chants are
prohibited, antisemites are not welcome at our events, and we make no
common cause with anyone whose opposition to Israel stems from antisemitism
(and they don't like us anyway!).

Of course I would also point out that I have never encountered a
Palestinian who expressed antisemitic sentiments EVEN THOUGH in many cases
their main contact with Jews has been looking down the gun barrel of an IDF
pig! And the last thing I need to hear right now, is a repeat of the
Zionist line about Palestinians being antisemitic (along with anyone who
supports them). ESPECIALLY in the context of this incredible reaction we're
witnessing in response to a thoughtful article about sexism in the movement
which didn't target any individual or group besides the cops and sexists
themselves. I am amazed at how defensive various people including the
moderator became when the discussion was even broached -- but I guess it
all figures.

But whatever nasty things you want to say about feminism, LEAVE THE

- Jeff

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