[Marxism] "Palestinian antisemitism?" -- I don't think so!

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 19 18:40:40 MDT 2010

At 01:18 20/07/10 +0100, Ian Pace wrote:
>Calm down Jeff, your response is disproportionate.
I would have been perfectly calm if you had just wanted to discuss the
occurrence of antisemitism in progressive movements, for instance. But this
was brought up specifically in response to a protest against sexism in the
movement, and whatever YOU were thinking when you wrote that, the POINT of
it was that we shouldn't get so upset about a little sexism because we
don't get upset about a little antisemitism. Well you're wrong on both

 >There is certainly 
>anti-semitism to be encountered amongst some supporting the Palestinian 
>cause, that doesn't mean it's widespread, let alone a majority thing, just 
>as there was real misogyny and homophobia in the Respect coalition. And 
>plenty of sexism to be encountered in the trade unions. And racism and 
>Islamophobia in some feminist groups.
And exactly what proportion of those are you willing to "just accept?" Any?
If so, I'd like to hear it. If your answer is "none," as I would say, then
that is exactly what all the fuss was about in the first place! NO amount
of sexism is alright just because it's below some threshold, so I view with
absolute contempt any desire to set such a threshold or, as you did
(perhaps subconsciously), imply the existence of a threshold by making a
comparison to a different evil (whether real or imagined). That's the deal.

>Now one can take a holier-than-thou approach and just denounce any such 
>people in such movements (and likely break them up almost instantly),
No, this isn't about breaking anything up, it's about forcing people to
take sides. Since no one admits to being a sexist, it shouldn't be asking
too much that they don't behave as sexists. Or if they do, then, as the
article suggested, it could be said that they are doing the work of the
cops and THAT is what breaks up movements. When an organization or movement
becomes a hostile place for women, for instance, THAT breaks them away from
what should be a united movement. 

- Jeff

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