[Marxism] "Palestinian antisemitism?" -- I don't think so!

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 19 19:24:58 MDT 2010

At 01:52 20/07/10 +0100, Ian Pace wrote:
>Rule #1: YOU MUST clip all extraneous text when replying to a message.
>Well, Jeff, do you really think there's any chance of bringing about some 
>dialogue between Islamic groups - in particular between those rather extreme 
>Islamic groups that can attract the more disaffected of young Muslims in the 
>West (including quite a number of women) - and other sectors of the left if 
>you go barging in with that opinion?

Oh come on, you're really changing the subject. No I don't "barge" into
meetings in the first place. But if I did barge into or walk into or crawl
into a meeting, then yes of course I still have my opinions. Whether or not
it needs to be on the agenda is obviously a different question. But in this
supposedly "Marxist" list, I believe the struggle against oppression is
ALWAYS on the agenda (or practically what anyone wants to post on) so yes
of course I can "barge" into this email discussion. All the "Marxists" on
this list claim to be anti-sexist (for instance) so why do they become so
defensive when the subject is even broached? 

> But to deny the existence of sexism, 
>sometimes quite hard-line, amongst some Muslims would be disingenuous
I never never said anything to that effect!! In fact any Muslim  who
believes in that religion is by definition a sexist (as with any other
major religion) or they would have to take exception with a large part of
the religion's teachings. Of course I work with Muslims just as I work with
other leftists who might be sexist or have any number of objectionable
views or attitudes. What I avoid doing is JUSTIFYING or REINFORCING what I
judge to be so. And when it isn't a religious group but a group (or email
list) that calls itself Marxist, then I really expect more when they
already claim to support these positions, but sometimes only in theory it

>but attacking it like a bull in 
>a china shop and foreclosing the possibility of some sort of constructive 
Yes, who ever you are talking about has a problem. But it's not me, and you
can't point to anything I've said or Pat (or the others) said that has
anything to do with "breaking up movements." It has to do with breaking
down behaviours by well-meaning people (and in a few cases getting rid of
those not-so-well-meaning informers, but that wasn't the main point), by
demanding that they show their anti-sexism in practice, not just as a point
in their party's program.

- Jeff

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