[Marxism] "The Woman Question"

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A nice passage from the second book linked below:

But Marx' analysis [of the English working class' relations to oppressed Ireland] suits, point by point, another relationship, namely the relationship between women and men in the working class and the working people. To liberate oneself from the position as an oppressed class, the working class and the working people must abolish capitalism. But the oppression of women is interwoven in capitalism's economic, social and political structure. Capitalism harvests profit through the indirect exploitation of women's unpaid work, and through the particular extra exploitation of women in capitalistic production. Women's subordinate position in the family, and the man's control over her, is a condition for making this exploitation possible. The oppression of women that common men are responsible for, contributes also to securing the capitalist's profit, and thereby, capitalism as a system. When common men do not take up the struggle against their own position as
 an oppressive gender, they weaken their own struggle as an oppressed class. They enter into an alliance with their main opponent, the bourgeoisie, and they hinder an alliance with half of their own class fellows, women. In short, male chauvinism is class co-operation. And class co-operation has never liberated any worker.

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> Kjersti Ericsson is a key theorist of the women's question,
> here in Norway. Her
> books, *Sisters, Comrades!* and * The polyphonous
> Revolution, *has been
> translated into English. You can read them online here
> http://akp.no/hefter/sostrekamerater/sisters-intro.html
> and here
> http://akp.no/hefter/flerstemmig/polyphonus.htm


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