[Marxism] election time in Oz

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 15:07:10 MDT 2010

Joel asked:
Gary can you go into this a bit more please? I am not too up todate with the
situation in Australia but what has the Labor Party done that has lifted the
neo-liberal consensus? Too much emphasis was placed on the emergence of
'neo-keynesianism' with little reflection on the status of neo-liberalism.
My reply:

Labor gave out money using the welfare system, they also create4d an over
night green industry - roof insulation through a subsidy system.  The
publicity about this framed the whole episode as a disaster with a number of
deaths caused by faulty installation but what is not talked about is that
the initiative showed the government's capacity to create a green industry.
The demand is there and if the government had chosen to spend its huge
surplus on Green Industries, then our carbon footprint would be very much
smaller than it is.

But what I was really trying to say is that the immediate response to the
crisis of 2008 was not a return to Keynesianism, as to be frank I thought it
was at the time.  Neo-liberalism left the stage very briefly while money was
pumped in to stabilise the system.  they have come back and are once more
pigging out at the feast.

The Reserve Bank Governor remains committed to anti-inflationism and the
avoidance of full employment.  Two of the sine qua nons of neo-liberalism.

BTW people should read Stuart's post on Work Choices phony fracas here.  It
was excellent.



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