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> July 21, 2010 -- On July 13, the parliament of France, on the eve of 
> Bastille Day, voted 335 to one in favour of preventing Muslim women 
> wearing a full face-covering veil in public. 

   This anti-woman law can be found here

  still in the section of "laws in preparation" under the titel 
"Projet de loi interdisant la dissimulation du visage dans l'espace public"
togethere with documentation of the parliamentary debates. 

  It should soon be moved to the section of the published laws
> <http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichLoiPubliee.do#2010>

   The law innocently prohibits just to wear clothing destined to dissimulate 
the face, but then excludes all those who do it professionally, e.g. cops in 
their hangmen's masks. But the reasons for this are explained in the 
document explaining the motives of the law, it makes clear that the law is to 
establish the right of the patriarchal state to order women how much of their 
body they have to cover or to display to the public. 
   According to the wording of the law, what appears here as a sculpture by 
Houdon would be illegal and punishable as a crime if it were a living woman: 
> <http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/62.55>
but not because most of the body is _not_ covered, but because the shawl, 
the only clothing, dissimulates the face of the mostly naked woman. 

   Will women wearing a net in front of their face as in this image
be punished under the law, when the net gets knitted somewhat tighter? 

   The interesting part comes in article 4, where it changes the penal code, 
making it a criminal act to force a person because of her/his gender to cover 
the face. 

   Well, I think it is a crime to force anybody to wear what the enforcer wants 
to see in the other person, but then why singling out clothing which covers 
the face? My father tried to forces his daughters not to wear trousers and to 
wear long skirts covering all of the legs. Would he have been punished under 
this law? The rights of the Paris fashion industry to dictated women what to 
wear in the next season must remain untouched...

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Frankfurt, Germany
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