[Marxism] Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani still at risk - Framing comments

Homo Indeterminatus homoindetermin at aim.com
Wed Jul 21 10:17:35 MDT 2010

Prioritising the allocation of time to theory vs. practice (vs. leisure) is, of course, the most basic decision each of us makes in each moment, consciously or otherwise.

Having chosen, hypothetically, the level of practice in a given moment, then prioritising the allocation of time between countering an imminent, mortal threat from the use of state-sanctioned violence against an individual life, on the one hand, vs. advancing background theoretical / strategic / tactical goals, on the other, is inevitably a fraught endeavour - sufficiently fraught, IMHO, to easily lead one to mourn religion.

That said, events planned for this Saturday would seem to offer the following opportunities, at a minimum, beyond whatever contribution one's participation might make toward preventing the imposition of a singularly irreversible "judicial" penalty:

1) New contact with individuals demonstrably willing to "take to the streets" in the name of a cause larger / other than themselves (at least in the immediate sense);
2) New / additional intel (I mean that in a good way) on participants (consciousness, capacities, commitment, including around broader international issues), messaging, public reactions, govt responses, etc., around a "woman's issue";
3) "Changed social conditions" for participants previously not engaged at street level around "women's issues." (I invoke here Carrol's invocation of Lise Vogel's radicalisation through engagement in the civil rights struggle.)
4) There will be no trust falls. A time and place for everything.

I'm confident the above is incomplete, possibly even flawed, although I don't think fatally so. 

"Dixi et salvavi animam meam."

Except, of course, not. Just dixi.

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