[Marxism] Barry Brooks of Bravenewclimate.com on climate "tipping point"

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Thu Jul 22 09:14:01 MDT 2010

An excellent primer...and study with links provided...on where we are at now
with climate change.

Climate change basics I – observations, causes and

"Just one species – humans – are now the agent of global change. As we
develop our modern economies and settlements at a frantic rate, we have
caused deforestation and fragmentation of natural habitats, over-hunting of
wild species we use for food, chemical pollution of waterways and massive
draw-downs of rivers, lakes and groundwater. These patently unsustainable
human impacts are operating worldwide, are accelerating, and clearly
constitute an environmental crisis. Yet the threat now posed by human-caused
global warming is so severe that it may soon outpace all others.

"Recent global warming is caused principally by the release of long-buried
fossil carbon, by burning oil, natural gas and coal. Since the furnaces of
the industrial revolution were first ignited in the late 18th century, we
have dumped more than a trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the
atmosphere, as well as other heat-trapping greenhouse gases such as methane,
nitrous oxide and ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons. The airborne
concentration of CO2 is now 38 per cent higher than at any time over the
past million years (and perhaps much longer – information beyond this time
is too sketchy to be sure). Average global temperature has risen about 0.8°C
in the last two centuries, with almost two-thirds of that warming having
occurred in just the last 50 years. [play with some plots,

FULL: http://bravenewclimate.com/2010/07/18/ccbasics1/

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