[Marxism] Charlie Sherrod

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Thu Jul 22 18:58:06 MDT 2010

The following is from Doug Ireland. If nothing else, it shows how 
bankrupt the American media and government officials are, for omitting 
such pertinent ancillary information to their coverage of the slanderous 
outrages by the Ag Dept., the NAACP, and the kneejerk media against 
Shirley Sherrod.
COLLECTIVE AMNESIA: The media have been silent about Shirley Sherrod's 
husband, Charles Sherrod, a real hero to many of us in the '60s for his 
key role as a leader in SNCC in building an _INTER-RACIAL_ civil rights 
movement. Charlie left SNCC when Stokely Carmichael took it over, 
expelled white folks, and adopted "black power" as its ideology, in 
order to continue building a black-and-white movement in Georgia. The 
notion that Charlie's wife could have been guilty of what's being called 
"reverse racisms" against whites is therefore douibly ludicrous. Some of 
us who knew Charlie back when, however, haven't forgotten his shining 
example. See his bio here: 
http://www.blackpast.org/?q=aah/sherrod-charles-1937 -- Doug

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