[Marxism] election time in Oz

joel cosgrove joel.cosgrove at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 01:44:18 MDT 2010

Gary Said:
//But what I was really trying to say is that the immediate response to the
crisis of 2008 was not a return to Keynesianism, as to be frank I thought it
was at the time.  Neo-liberalism left the stage very briefly while money was
pumped in to stabilise the system.  they have come back and are once more
pigging out at the feast.//

Yeah I saw it potentially as neo-keynesianism at the time, I think the
important point to make when looking at the activities of various states is
to look at whether in the words of David Harvey 'the surplus is being
privatised or socialised...'. I've always found that formation to cut
through to the core of most discussions around the various measures in

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