[Marxism] Are recessions better for the left or right?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 17:22:10 MDT 2010

This was an interesting article. Trotsky's arguments were complex, and I am
inclined to think that he uses the word "dialectical" too loosely.  Myself
thinks that Doug  is making the basic mistake of adapting a Humean view of
causality - specifically the constant conjunction of events where if
*A*then always
*B*.  These constant conjunctions simply do not apply in the real world
where causality is better understood as the result of sometimes very deep
tendencies which may be realised or may not. A ceteris paribus clause is
always needed, and alas things are never equal.

So I think it is reasonable to hypothesize that a recession tends to  get
people to shift in terms of their political thinking. Whether that shift is
to the Left or the Right would depend, I think, not on pure economic factors
but also a range of ideological inputs. The dominant source of input is the
capitalist media and the education systems.  Alternative communication via
the Internet is still too young to make a decisive change here, but I am
very optimistic about the Internet. The best example for me is the ability
of the alternative media to turn the tide of Zionist propaganda.



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