[Marxism] Cannonball, a movie about foreclosure

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 24 07:09:16 MDT 2010


Dogtown Redux: ‘Cannonball’ Examines the Ills and Opportunities of The 
Great Recession

Cannonball is a short film (go to link above to view) focused on a very 
specific side effect of The Great Recession: A glut of foreclosed homes 
in Fresno, California, and tons of empty swimming pools that have 
attracted legions of the city’s skateboarders. Armed with sump pumps and 
skate decks, the subjects in Cannonball provide a unique look at the 
nationwide fallout of the economic crisis. Instead of seeing the country 
through the eyes of those who have lost so much, we instead see the 
opportunities these losses have created.

It’s impossible to watch this film and not be reminded of the exploits 
of the Z-Boys (Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, etc.) skate crew, 
who took great advantage of the Los Angeles drought of the 1970s — as 
residents were forced to drain their pools — and subsequently 
invented/pioneered modern skateboarding culture. Produced by the 
gentlemen at California is a Place (Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari), 
Cannonball manages to tackle the tough subject of economic hardship in a 
compelling (and visually stunning) format. It’s a reminder of how 
important storytelling can be.

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