[Marxism] Nuclear Energy Causes Global Warming

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 12:32:17 MDT 2010

LProyect wrote:
"You really are a joke. Do you come up with this stuff on your own or is
this the Lambertiste education you got?"

You call this a serious response? Is this the education you got from from
your heros, the Cockranites? You wanna play 'bait the poster' now Louis?
Grow up or should we take everything you write as taken from a 12 year old?

My position on the NRC, and especially the ASME (not mentioned in the
Davis-Besse piece Louis posted) manufacturing and testing standards (the
links were provided in my essay) still stands. I'm not an uncritical
defender of NRC...the fact is that since TMI, Davis-Besse included, there
hasn't been a serious accident. Not a one with nuclear energy. Again...there
simply hasn't been a TMI-like accident largley because their regs work, even
with lackadaisical and/or complacency within the NRC. Despite what the
article notes, fairly accurately, very single failing IN the NRC has been
parsed out and brought to light BY the NRC or staffers therein. Far more
workers have died in fossil fuel plants, communities effected, etc because
of gas-turbines and coal plants than nuclear. IT is simply *safer* by far
living next to a nuclear plant (and yes, Vermont Yankee included) than any
fossil plant. The proof is in the real statistics on health and safety and
no serious anti-nuclear 'activist' can challange those facts (nor even
google-commandos like our sniveling Moderator...). If you think wind mills
and roof top solar can replace nuclear...go for it. See you under water in a
100 years. I want to end planetary climate change and nuclear, IMO, and that
of a lot more people, is one of the main ways to go to reduce carbon output
while *expanding* energy use around the world.

But the issue is what NRC regs, or type regs, and ASME Standards would do
for offshore oil drilling. Louis thinks, from his sniveling response, a big
"nothing". Of course he's ignorant of those regs since he clearly didn't
follow the links I provided. That the NRC/company (Duke energy) complacency
and failures at Davis-Besse were terrible and condemnable at very level, the
article fails to prove the bigger picture of the generalized success from a
health, safety and radiological POV of these same regs. I note that the best
way to proceed is to build a movement for public power where, even under the
capitalist mode of production, operations are at least that much more
transparent and profit it taken out of the picture. This clearly is still on
the agenda, as well as strengthening NRC regs where needed. If you read that
NRC report quoted in the article (as opposed to an anti-nuke writers
'interpretation' of it) you will find that such inspections of the inner
containment vessels are not signed off by multiple inspectors *including*
separately from the company.) At the end of the say, you still have to ask
*why* there hasn't been meltdowns and large radiological releases since TMI
in the US? Why? Anyone want to guess? It's a question of risk-assessment and
what we face as a planet. I've concluded, obviously, that nuclear energy is
the way to go. Slowly people like me are making gains winning those on the
Left to this viewpoint. The key is to be *open* to study things objectively
and discuss them in dispassioned way. We did this, sort of kind of, even, at
the recent Socialism 2010 conference in Oakland (lots of fun on that one).

We need to apply completely new regs to off shore oil drilling at every
level, from operations (we now learn that the fire alarm system was
intentionally bypassed! on the rig) to manufacturing of equipment. We need
to strengthen those and not just for exploratory/initial drilling projects
but for platforms that already exist...there are thousands of them. We can
condemn, as we should, these, the richest Oligarchy in the world and call
for their expropriation. But need..transitional forms of regulations..that
can be applied to the real-world privately owned enterprises that make up
this Oligarchy of Oil.  ASME is still the model to use, IMO.


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