[Marxism] Nuclear Energy Causes Global Warming

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DW wrote:
> My position on the NRC, and especially the ASME (not mentioned in the
> Davis-Besse piece Louis posted) manufacturing and testing standards (the
> links were provided in my essay) still stands. I'm not an uncritical
> defender of NRC...the fact is that since TMI, Davis-Besse included, there
> hasn't been a serious accident. Not a one with nuclear energy. 

T which Lou wrote
I'm still curious. Is this love affair with nuclear power something you 
devleoped on your own or is this a Lambertist orientation mirroring that 
of Frank Furedi's RCP? 

> Slowly people like me are making gains winning those on the
> Left to this viewpoint.

Except on Marxmail, I would say.

[to which Paddy Apling responds]

I can't help saying, just before I leave for a holiday in Albertaand BC:
that is because, like on global warming, most of Marxmail still have closed
minds on these topics.....


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