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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 24 19:39:16 MDT 2010

This guy is a fairly regular commenter on my blog. I am pretty jaded 
when it comes to Christian left, but he is usually worth reading. Here's 
his take on recessions and the right/left question.


Hope all are well.

Yesterday my neighbor and I were talking about the reported 46 million 
people living below the 'poverty level' in the United Stats. Then we 
compared the majority of this poverty to the real poverty that exists in 
the third world.

Today at a church picnic in Liberty State park we had a good view of 
lower Manhattan. A brother is involved in Meals for Wheels. They plan to 
forlough him once a month and the elderly he serves get no meals on that 
day. The City of Newark is even thinking of eliminating the program 
permanently. Across the river in Manhatan on this hot Saturday are 
elegant monuments to capitalism. I'd imagine the vast majority of the 
space lies vacant on Saturday as the workers are off. Yet there are 
people in the city with no electrical power, or no homes and cannot 
simply sit in these vast empty buildings to avoid the heat. The 
financial people can find the money to build their skyscrapers. The 
military can find it's money to build it's weapons. Even weapons, like 
the stealth bomber, that if we use it would bring about the 
extermination of all human life. Yet they are considering cutting food 
to the elderly? What will they eat? The world suffers not because of a 
lack of resources but because of the evil allocations of those resources.

Comrades we are in a war, never forget that. It is a spiritual war first 
and then a mental. Do not let them lull you into think that the state is 
secure. I tell you the United States is a tinder box and fury could 
ignite at any moment.

Who benefits more from a crisis the left or the right? I believe the 
answer would be the side that works the hardest. Look at the situation 
it is a now or never thing. I don't think there will be a world in 
thirty years if fundamental and permanent change does not come soon.

We are stronger than we think. We are fighting for the very survival of 
humanity. We fight for our children, our parents and fellow man. And we 
are fighting the worst of the worst. People who put possessions over 
human life. Cowards like Dick Cheney who refused to serve when his time 
came to fight, but who sent men to die. All the while sitting in his 
little bunker watching CNN. Cowards will melt in fear in a crisis the 
righteous will be strong. Dick and his ilk will run and hide when push 
comes to shove, just like Dick personally did and just like pigs act in 

There is an invincibility to our righteousness. We are not asking for 
too much when we say that are elderly should not starve to death. We are 
not asking for too much when we say people should not live on garbage. 
We are not asking for too much when we say we should not spend billions 
on destruction and death. Keep the message simple, to the point, but 
above all get it out.


John Kaniecki

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