[Marxism] AVSN: Colombia & United States threaten attack -- Stop the lies and aggression against Venezuela!

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Sat Jul 24 21:08:42 MDT 2010

A statement from the *Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network*

July 24, 2010 -- Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network -- On July 22, 
Venezuela broke off all diplomatic relations with Colombia and placed 
its national borders on high alert. This follows accusations made by the 
Colombian government that Venezuela is harbouring “terrorists” from the 
Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National 
Liberation Army (ELN), and hosting several “terrorist training camps” 
near the border region that divides the two countries.

At an extraordinary meeting of the Organization of American States in 
Washington on July 22, called for by Colombia, Colombia’s ambassador to 
the OAS, Luis Alfonso Hoyos, presented television and video images 
allegedly taken from computers confiscated during the Colombian 
military’s illegal invasion of Ecuadorian territory in March 2008, as 
well as some computer-generated maps and photographs of alleged members 
of the FARC, which he said were taken inside Venezuela. Hoyos called for 
“international intervention” in Venezuela, and gave a “30-day ultimatum”.

Five days earlier, US State Department spokesperson Phillip Crowley said 
the “possible” presence of “rebels in Venezuelan territory” had also 
been “worrying” his government for a long time.

These moves have all the hallmarks of justifying a pre-emptive strike on 
Venezuelan territory.

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