[Marxism] Paul The Octopus Hires Agent

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 12:42:36 MDT 2010

Paul The Octopus Hires Agent

Paul the Octopus may be enjoying his retirement, but he is hardly
resting on his laurels. The magical mollusk, whose fantastic football
forecasting made him a worldwide celebrity, may be preparing to cash
in on his remunerative reputation. The brilliant German Octopus, said
to be worth millions in endorsement potential, has hired an agent.

Quashing potential criticism from any deep-sea detractors, Paul is
lending his name to a worthy cause. The Oracle from Oberhausen is
trying to save endangered turtles in Greece.

The tentacled talent also picked up another hard-earned accolade. Paul
was named an honorary friend of the Spanish town O Carballino, whose
mayor bestowed the watery wonder with a commemorative plaque.

Despite understandable interest from other nations, Paul appears
likely to remain in his German home for the foreseeable future.

>From the "comments" section:

Paul the Octopus is being aggressively courted by the Republican Party
as a potential Congressional Candidate and replacement to Joe the
Plumber, who can't even rise up to the very low standards of literacy
that the GOP demands. Paul has a short life expectancy and even with
careful care will probably only survive in the Congressional koi pond
for one term. He leaves no paper trail, because paper and ink
deteriorate in sea water. He can change his pigmentation
instantaneously to blend in with whatever constituency (white, red,
brown, Black) that he is addressing. He is capable of traveling
outside of his tank for long distances to move between fleabaggism and
progressivism. And most importantly with those eight gnarly suckered
tentacles, he can probe the pockets of 800 percent more potential
donors than any other pol. You go Paul. BTW, Michele Bachmann and
Sharron Ange want to get down with you in a Jacuzzi for a real slime

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