[Marxism] Another Mass Grave unearthed in Colombia--2,000 Bodies

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In Colombia appears a mass grave containing 2,000 bodies. The
unidentified bodies have been deposited by the Army since 2005

By Antonio Albiñana in Bogota
Comité Permanente
Friday, Jul 23, 2010

In the small town of La Macarena, Meta, 200 kilometers south of
Bogota, one of the hottest areas of the Colombian conflict is the
largest mass grave discovered in the recent history of Latin America,
with a number of bodies "NN " buried without identification, which
could reach 2,000, according to various sources and the residents
themselves. Since 2005,the Army whose elite forces are deployed in the
vicinity has been burying behind the local cemetery hundreds of bodies
with the order that they would be buried without any name.

This is the largest burial of victims of a conflict known until now in
the continent. We should have to move to the Nazi Holocaust or the
barbarity of Pol Pot in Cambodia to find something of this dimension.

Behind the cemetery of La Macarena, 200 km. Bogota, thousands of
bodies were buried without name.

The lawyer Jairo Ramirez is the secretary of the Permanent Committee
for the Defense of Human Rights in Colombia and accompanied a
delegation of British parliamentarians to the site, when a few weeks
ago,he began to discover the magnitude of the grave of La Macarena.
"What we saw was terrifying," he told public. "Countless bodies, and
hundreds of plates of white wood on the surface with NN and
registration dates from 2005 until today."


Ramirez adds, "Army Commander told us they were guerrillas killed in
combat, but the people of the region speak of many community leaders,
farmers and community advocates who disappeared without a trace."

While prosecutors announced investigations "from March" after the
parliamentary and presidential elections, a parliamentary delegation
composed by Jordi Pedret Spanish (PSOE), Inés Sabanés (UI), Francesc
Canet (ERC), Joan-Josep Nuet (IC - EU), Carles Campuzano (CiU), Mikel
Basabe (Aralar) and Marian Suarez (Eivissa pel Canvi) arrived
yesterday in Colombia to study the case and make a report to the
Congress and the Parliament. The situation of women as the first
victims of conflict and union leaders (only in 2009 were killed 41)
also focus their work in different areas of the country.

More than a thousand graves in the country

The horror of La Macarena has been topical since the existence of over
a thousand mass graves of unidentified bodies in Colombia. Until late
last year, forensic had registered some 2,500 corpses and nearly 600
of them could have been identified and the bodies returned to

The location of these graves has been possible because of the
statements in free version of the middle-rank of the allegedly
demobilized paramilitaries and the benefiting from the controversial
Justice and Peace Law that guarantees a symbolic sentence in exchange
for the confession of their crimes.

The last of these statements was that of John Jairo Renteria, also
known as Betún, who has just revealed to the prosecutor and the
victim’s relatives that he and his supporters buried "at least 800
people" in the Villa Sandra farm in Puerto Asis, Putumayo. "We had to
dismember people. All in the AUC had to learn it and was often made
with people alive," the paramilitary leader has confessed to the
prosecutor for Justice and Peace.

"The government does not want to investigate"

 - Alfredo Molano
Sociologist and author

Alfredo Molano, one of Colombia's most influential columnists, has
toured the country as a chronicler of violence, which earned him exile
to escape threats of military and paramilitary.

What is the situation of the graves in Colombia?

The general attorney of the nation speaks about 25,000 "disappeared",
must be in a site somewhereThere are huge mass graves in Colombia.
Some people eliminated. It is also possible that they have made
disappear some remains as did the Nazi in crematoria.

Do these graves have to do with the so called 'false positives?

Yes, this may be related to false positives [Colombian civilians
killed and presented as people "killed in action"]. The army buried
clandestinely. Many of them will be found in these mass graves.

What might be the magnitude of the findings in these graves?

Terrible. Neither in the fifties there was much brutality in Colombia
as shown in the actions of the paramilitaries, but the government has
no willingness to investigate thoroughly, and will let appear some
tombsThe delays are very long and technical difficulties for
identification, chemical and DNA testing are enormous.

Source: Comité Permanente

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