[Marxism] Marxism] FW: Comment from a Christian

John A Imani johnaimani at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 25 23:26:39 MDT 2010

<<What do you expect?>>

I'll tell you what I didn't expect (esp as regarding the thrust of the post (calling for unified activity on the part of the Left) that prompted this response); what I didn't expect was a smart-assed reply as if the writer knows more than the comrade calling for unity.  Taking me to school, I suppose.

<<What do you expect?>>

Of course, I know that the media's purported "objectivity" is a mask.  You write as if that was news.  To somebody. Somebody, who I ain't got no idea who you talking to, cause you ain't talking to me.  However, this "mask of objectivity" is most times executed not vocalized by the news agency's presenting straw (wo)men from both parties (ostensibly Right (which they are) and Left (which they are not)).  And not objectified by being vocalized by the on-screen reporter-host talking out of both sides of his mouth.  5 times.  

Just as the Ag  Dept party who called Ms Sherrod 3 times to tell her to resign quoting "Or else we're going to be on Gen Beck", Cooper kow-towed and all but kissed Fox's ass.  What I am saying is that this is something, if not qualitatively, then certainly quantitatively different.  And I am saying that this represents, in indicative of, the Right's growing influence over the course of political/economic discussion.   And we keep smart-mouthing to each other.  Saying:

<<What do you expect?>>

What I expect is for you to add to the discussion and not dismiss it.  I ain't got no Pope.  No All-seeing Eye.  I need nobody to tell me:

<<What do you expect?>>


[Marxism] FW: Comment from a Christian
Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com 
Sun Jul 25 19:49:21 MDT 2010 

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Of course, this was how the corporate media covered this story.

What do you expect?

If they're permitted to define the public debate, it'll always go that way.
How many people know today about the lying that got the U.S. into accepting
a war in Vietnam?  And how many heard the bullshit about soldiers getting
spat on?


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