[Marxism] Marxism] FW: Comment from a Christian

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 00:26:03 MDT 2010

The fact is that each of the assertions you made about the fearsome power
and success of the Right were premised on their presentation on the idiot

Surely, it's not smart ass of me or anyone to point this out.  Apparently
accuracy isn't adding to the discussion.

But we're not having a discussion because you don't want one.  You're
reading a script and it's an old American favorite.  Cue the drumbeat of
fear about the right wing, counterpointed with the crisp bugle calls for
unity that are always so abstract and unclear as to what the unity is to be

Keep it vague and urge unity around the lowest common denominator because of
the looming threat of the right wing.

And, if anyone asks for details as to what we're supposed to be uniting
around, deflect it by saying that they don't really want unity.   If anyone
wants to discuss whether the right wing is, in fact, as big or as coherent
or no more further right than it was last year or five years ago, deflect
any real evaluation by claiming that those who are raising the questions are
actually just being dismissive, dogmatic, arrogant bastards who are
deflecting the need to unite to...what is it?...to get "people we can work
with" back into office.  In fact, whenever I've had this discussion it
invariably leads to things like calling government officials "comrades," as
was done in the post.

Apparently, recalling our experience as a movement isn't wanted in this

But...okay...if you insist on doing the entire opera, we can probably get a
few people to come onstage with you and dance the "Time Warp" again....


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