[Marxism] The War: A Trillion Can Be Cheap - FYI

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 00:33:52 MDT 2010

In Bonnie's post on the cost of war I found the following of particular

“The army is at war, but the country is not,” said David M. Kennedy, the
Stanford University historian. “We have managed to create and field an armed
force that can engage in very, very lethal warfare without the society in
whose name it fights breaking a sweat.” The result, he said, is “a moral
hazard for the political leadership to resort to force in the knowledge that
civil society will not be deeply disturbed.”

A corollary is that taxes have not been raised to pay for Iraq and
Afghanistan — the first time that has happened in an American war since the
Revolution, when there was not yet a country to impose them. Rightly or
wrongly, that has further cut American civilians off from the two wars on
the opposite side of the world."

This is exactly what how I would describe the experience of the war in
Afghanistan in Australia.  The army is waging it but the country by and
large chooses to look the other way. Of course unlike in American, the war
is dependent on taxes and it is increasingly expensive.  Moreover as the
caualty rate creeps up the war might just begin to register on people's

Furedi's concept of the disengaged society seems a particularly apt way to
describe the whole process.  There is no enthusiasm for the war, nor is
there much resistance.



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