[Marxism] Wikileaks releases the Mother Lode

Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Mon Jul 26 06:04:35 MDT 2010

I'll combine two of Anthony Hartin's mails.

Anthony Hartin wrote:
> "Wikileaks choosing to protect "genuine military secrets"..? What a wimp."
> He is being intervied right now... you can access it from The Guardian 
> live blog. He (Assange) doesnt sound particularly soft. If some of these 
> reports name civilians by name, dont u think thats worth censoring given 
> the existence of US murder squads?


> In fact in his interview Assange just mentioned that 15,000 documents
> are being reviewed to establish whether they meet a harm minimization
> policy. He said,
> "By safe, I dont mean safe for the military, I mean safe for
> civillians"

I think withholding information to protect civilians etc. is legitimate,
but as I understood the Guardian article, withholding "genuine military
secrets" was APART FROM that.

Maybe it's a case of The Guardian channeling their own interpretation of
what withholding harmful information means.. after all, they've said:

"[T]he Guardian has taken care not to publish information that could
[..] expose unknown intelligence-gathering techniques or place coalition
forces in danger."

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