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Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 14:52:56 MDT 2010

I agree with John that the danger is high and with Mark that it is not the first time. It's just This Time and this time is when we need to find a way to help move the masses forward. The reports from the United National Anti-War Conference are coming in and it appears that we have real unity coming into focus. The national march on Washington, 10/2, is receiving significant support from unions and others, and national actions are planned for just two days from now in opposition to SB 1070 and the racist clone laws in other states--it should be noted that undocumented workers and the Latino community with which they are intimately connected are beginning to show signs of real commitment to resist this racist onslaught.


Andrew just posted that the UNAC placed the issue of Palestinian solidarity front and center and the October Washington action is calling for Jobs, Justice, and Peace thereby uniting the failing economy, the attacks on democratic rights (I would include the anti-immigrant laws in here), and the on-going imperialist mis-adventure into one action with very little disagreement or loss of suppport (sounds eerily like "Land, Bread, & Peace" to me) except of course from the Democrats, Republicans, and the Tea Party. 

The Wikileaks revelations are already having an effect and the Administration is handling it poorly. The fall elections are going tell a tale only to the bourgeois media and lesser-evil Democrats. What will be much more telling is how the fall and spring actions will show the extent to which masses of people remain tied to lesser-evilism.

I believe things are coming to a head and I also believe John is echoing the despair among many who feel isolated and disenfranchised by the rightist media storm that tries to hide all that is being felt (just listened to Al Jazeera Listening Post interview with Oliver Stone on "South of the Border" and the role of the media). I also believe that it is no time to panic (which I am hoping Mark is trying to say even if it isn't all that well said). In any case, regardless whether we feel we are on the "brink of destruction" or feel we are too old to get into this struggle, this coming fall and spring promise to be an important time for all of us on this list. I hope you will each make your contributions even if it is just to show up and to write about our experiences. 

Watch and be amazed, observe and criticize, marvel "at all the youth" or rail against the ultraleft or how the unions are not really understanding Marxism, do and comment what you will. 

Just do it out there in the streets where it matters. 


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