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> Anyone who sees no rising danger does not live in Arizona.  Or Nebraska.  Or Costa Mesa, here in So Cal.  Or many other cities and states pushing for anti-migrant laws blaming these workers for the problems of capitalism.  Obvious that the writer below feels no threat from the de facto facist Arpaio (elected and re-elected with substantial majorities).  We had to and did run the Minutemen out of LA's Leimert Park but there are places (some not far away) where we would not have that power.

Speaking of CP and right wing threats:


Progressive center machine-gunned in San Antonio. One Summer Intern
critically wounded.
By: Mason Sunday July 18, 2010 11:03 am

Reporter Vivian Weinstein of People’s World reports that someone
fired 15 shots with a semiautomatic rifle into the Southwest Worker’s
Union in San Antonio, TX this morning. A summer intern inside the
building sustained a gunshot wound to the hip. He’s in critical
The organization has been actively opposing Arizona’s SB 1020 and a
similar bill that the Texas legislature will be voting on next January.

No arrest(s) or suspect(s) yet identified.

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