[Marxism] "Gender policing, homosexuality and the new patriarchy of the Cuban Revolution, 1965-70" by Lillian Guerra

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Tue Jul 27 11:27:54 MDT 2010

This article (from /Social History /35:3 [August 2010]: 268-289) offers 
new details on the prison camp program from the mid-1960s, the UMAPs, 
but situates the campaign against "homosexualism" and "intellectualism" 
in a broader context than mere "antihomosexuality." It contains 
interesting information not provided in earlier studies, such as Allen 
Young's /Gays Under the Cuban Revolution/ or/ /Ian Lumsden's /Machos, 
Maricones and Gays: Cuba and Homosexuality/. It can be purchased at the 
following link:


The article is too long for this list, but I will forward the pdf 
version to anyone interested  who contacts me offlist.
     Here are a couple of excerpts:
     "Launched in 1965, this campaign [i.e., the UMAP camps, long 
rumored to have been set up at the behest of Raúl Castro, head of Cuba's 
Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias] distinguished itself from an earlier 
1961 operation against alleged 'pederasts, prostitutes and pimps' by a 
special unit of the secret police, '/El Escuadrón de la Escoria' /['the 
Scum Squad'] for its longevity and application to all sectors of society 
and reliance on popular complicity to succeed. During the period from 
1965 to 1970, Cuban youth were regularly persecuted for adopting the 
music, fashion and 'attitudes' that defined the anti-establishment 
culture of young people worldwide. Like openly or allegedly gay Cubans 
as well as those /not/ interred at UMAP for religious activism or 
economic dissent, what made these young Cubans 'anti-socials' in the 
eyes of top leaders was their conscious and unconscious espousal of 
'ideological diversionism'.". . .
     "UJC [Communist Youth] spokespersons identified a spectrum of 
anti-social behaviour they related to homosexuality, including 
intellectualism, discussionism, egoism, autonomism, trotskyism and 
reunionism [the habit of holding repeated meetings in order to talk 
about state goals rather than act on them]. Apparently, they were all 
related because they invariably provoked the same result: treason, both 
active and passive. /Mella/, the magazine of FEU [University Student 
Federation], explained that all of these types were '/gusanos/' 
['worms'], that is, pro-imperial traitors opposed to the independence 
and sovereignty of Cuba. In consecutive editions, /Mella/ proposed that 
society either trample /gusanos/ under foot or boil them to death. If 
allowed to graduate, they would become homosexual architects who worked 
for the CIA, doctors who swindled old ladies, or agronomists and army 
officers who carried out economic sabotage against the Revolution."

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