[Marxism] # Re: A response to Blankfort's hatchet job on Chomsky

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 21:23:44 MDT 2010

if there is a viable Palestinian movement for BDS, then 
> the question of support for that movement may be evaluated positively. 
> But certainly, emphasis should be on divestment, as Chomsky says. Agree?

Indeed, I believe no funds from U.S. workers (i.e. taxpayers) should ever go to the Israeli State and No Companies should be doing business with the Zionist regime. Not One More Penny for the Israeli oppressors. Ending U.S. aid is the single most effective blow to the stability of Israel in the region, but it is not enough. I also believe that boycotts, in general, are a poor form of struggle and, as occurred with the U.S. farmworkers, only effective if they are combined with organization and mobilization. Hence, I can agree that such a campaign can only be legitimate and useful if it serves the Palestinian people and their cause for a democratic secular Palestine. 

It may be true that Arabs and workers are affected adversely from such economic actions, but if they receive privileges because their wages and human services are funded by U.S. aid or if U.S. aid makes it easier for them to have jobs and services as a result, then they should be the first to stand up to this blood money and the first to end the nightmare of this State of Privilege. Else, I have no sympathy for them as it is all used up to mourn for Palestinian workers and children suffering under the racism of a state who believes it can get away with murder. It's Not just bulldozers that wreck Palestinian homes, but also the relative privilege of Israeli society that is oppressive to an occupied people. It legitimizes an illegitimate state to feign concern for the Israeli masses, including the Arab peoples to which the Israeli occupiers dole out such "discriminating" support all for the sake of maintaining this vicious society. 

Finally, I find it strange and disconcerting that people who stand for Palestinian self-determination, like Chomsky says he does, to feel so queasy at the potential for Arab and Israeli pain because of a boycott and to assume that boycotting Israel would somehow deemphasize demands for ending U.S. aid. The demonstrations that I have joined or read about have not had this problem. I haven't seen any element of anti-semitism; only outrage at the Israeli occupation. Because Chomsky "wishes" a different form of Zionism (I suppose one that supports a "binational" state) should not deter him from doing everything he can to support the legitimate and heartfelt demands of the occupied Palestinian people. It is not his place to counsel otherwise as it is our place to do everything we can to prevent the U.S. empire from its service to Israeli racism. 


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