[Marxism] "The Woman Question"

Mina Khanlarzadeh mina.khanlar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 23:21:07 MDT 2010

"This is what my specific concern was about, whether you believe that
leftists should be active in the campaign against her execution and
overall peril. We could then move on to questions like whether such a
campaign is inherently imperialist."

I just read these emails now and have a question about the doubt that
campaigning for Sakineh in the US is an imperialist act.

If campaigning for Sakineh in the US might be an imperialist act then what
would happen to the concept of international solidarity? Is international
solidarity an imperialist act unless it's set against some kind of
imperialist power? Is it only related to the gender of Sakineh that
international solidarity with her case should be cautioned since
imperialists are interested in using women's domestic issues to "justify"
attacking them with bombs? Or would supporting Reza Shahabi, Mansour
Osanloo, Madadi, and all other imprisoned Iranian unionists be an
imperialist act since it's somehow criticizing IR's mistreatment of Iranian
workers and imperialist states might possibly (mis)use that info? So, when
worker activists are in jail, should leftists go silent, not raise
awareness, and possibly come up with some propaganda to cover and distort
the story so that imperialist states do not misuse the suffering of the
workers in their own advantage? What is the difference between people being
oppressed by their own government vs. by the imperialist states? Maybe one
would say that in the case of Iran, the latter (like a war against Iran)
would cause way more suffering to people than the former. But I think both
internal and external oppression are somehow interconnected. I don't think
going silent to internal oppression would decrease the risk of getting
oppressed by the imperialist states as people will be disempowered by the
brutality imposed on them by their own government and consequently may
become more susceptible to imperialist states' oppression. How can an
imprisoned Iranian, who actually happens to be a hardcore anti-imperialist,
oppose imperialism when s/he is in jail? How can workers of Iran join the
workers in the US, Afghanistan, Iraq, Canada, etc. to oppose war and
economic sanctions against Iran when they are denied the right to have a
union and to organize? Then how can leftists justify not standing next to
them in their struggle for such rights, leftists claiming that they are busy
fighting imperialism for them? How can Iranians stand against imperialism in
a climate of fear exemplified by the government's stoning of a woman? I mean
that the process of domestic empowerment should be as strongly supported as
is the opposition to imperialism.

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