[Marxism] In Europe and the world, the workers, youth, people, refuse to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system

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Wed Jul 28 07:50:54 MDT 2010

Communiqué of the European Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations 
meeting in June in Paris

In Europe and the world, the workers, youth, people, refuse to pay for 
the crisis of the capitalist system

The crisis of the world capitalist system is continuing; millions of 
workers are condemned to misery, thrown into the street. All the popular 
strata, the workers, working people of the city and countryside, small 
and middle peasants, artisans, employees, whether working or unemployed, 
youth and retirees, are being squeezed by a handful of rich people who 
grow richer every day, by the financial oligarchy, its banks and 
monopolies. In all capitalist countries, whether developed or emerging, 
in the imperialist countries and in countries dominated by imperialism, 
the oligarchy wants to make the working class, the working masses, the 
popular strata and peoples pay for its crisis: eleven million 
millionaires in the world are getting increasingly richer at the expense 
of millions of women and men. Never have such great riches been 
produced; never have so many people been deprived of a living wage, 
never has such wealth been concentrated in the hands of a parasitic 
class, the bourgeois, the reactionaries.

After demanding that the States at their exclusive service hand over 
billions of dollars, Euros, Yen, to save the banks and financial 
institutions, that same financial oligarchy now demands payment of the 
public debt and interests: their tactic is to show indignation at the 
public deficit... that that they themselves have created.

The policy of reducing the public deficit, a pretext to impose austerity 

The Greek people have been the first victims in Europe of this 
far-reaching offensive, carried out jointly by the European Commission 
and the IMF, which imposed a gigantic austerity plan under the pretext 
of reducing the public debt.

In a few weeks, throughout the European Union the governments of the 
right-wing and the social-liberals have pushed a plan to make "savings" 
that they want to impose on the State budgets; billions that no country 
can escape. The pretext is to ensure the financial markets and their 
"rating agencies". Their goal is to carry out another transfer of riches 
great magnitude, from labor to capital, to ensure the profits of the 
banks and the most powerful monopolies.

The objective of this concerted offensive is to reduce the social 
budgets, all the social benefits that the working class and peoples won, 
particularly after World War II.

The first victims of these attacks are the poorest strata of society, 
those already living in misery, insecurity and fear of tomorrow. These 
are the strata that bear the heaviest blows to social services. In rich 
countries such as Germany and France, millions of men and women, young 
people looking for jobs, those who only get the worst jobs, the poor 
laborers, are threatened by more misery, while at the other end of 
society, the rich toast each other with champagne for the growth of 
their income.

The attacks began long before the outbreak of the crisis; the neoliberal 
and social-liberal policies had caused great destruction, such as the 
privatization of the major economic sectors, the liquidation of public 
services, health care, education, social protection, etc. Now, the 
oligarchy is using the crisis to remove obstacles to the free 
exploitation of labor power, eliminating the social and economic rights 
won by the workers. They try to increase the exploitation of those who 
are working, at the same time carrying out mass layoffs, to make them 
work more, until they are exhausted, for increasingly lower wages and 
increasingly smaller pensions. They use the army of the unemployed as 
pressure to reduce wages and make working conditions worse.

A common objective of the EU governments for their austerity plans is to 
undermine the retirement system based on solidarity and sharing. The 
standard is to increase the retirement age beyond age 65 while millions 
of young people do not have jobs. The banks and insurance companies are 
rubbing their hands: they hope to sell their pension systems to 
capitalize on the strata that can still pay something, they speculate on 
the fear of bankruptcy of the current pension system based on solidarity 
between generations and social contributions.

To impose this enormous social retreat, the oligarchy is reinforcing the 
means of repression, making the laws against workers harsher and 
promoting the division among the workers and peoples.

In the most severe moments of the crisis in Greece, when hundreds of 
thousands of protesters shouted in the streets of Athens and other Greek 
cities their refusal to pay for the crisis of capital, one could hear 
speeches of politicians that promoted hate, speeches widely disseminated 
by the media, against the workers and peoples of southern Europe, who 
were accused of "taking advantage" of other countries and who had to be 
"punished". How far is this from all the speeches about European 
harmony, peace and understanding that the Euro was going to facilitate!

The peoples have the right to leave the euro and the EU

After several years of the euro, the peoples have been finally realized. 
This "single" currency has essentially served the imperialist great 
powers that dominate the EU to strengthen their economic weight and 
political power. The euro has leveled down the wages in the EU. The 
"points of convergence" laid out in the Treaty of Maastricht are 
instruments of permanent social dumping. The EU governments are trying 
to impose them even on countries outside the euro zone, such as Denmark, 
where the people expressed themselves against it in a referendum.

The euro has meant a general increase in the price of products of mass 
consumption, whose beneficiaries have been the big monopolies of 
distribution. of agricultural products, and the big losers have been the 
consumers of the popular means, small and medium-sized agricultural 
producers, small traders, etc.

The euro is an essential machinery for building a Europe that aims to be 
an imperialist great power, a neoliberal Europe that increases the 
exploitation of the working class, that participates in the looting of 
the riches of Africa, Latin America, etc., that takes part in wars and 
conflicts for the control of strategic raw materials, of sources of 
energy and transportation to the major distribution centers of the 
imperialist countries.

The reactionary nature of European construction is confirmed: it is a 
"fortress Europe" that "protects" itself against immigrants driven from 
their own countries by the hunger and wars promoted by imperialism. It 
is a Europe of police deployed by all means, put together, to control 
and suppress the large popular demonstrations, such as at the summit in 
Strasbourg, or the "climate control" conference in Copenhagen. Apart 
from the enormous police deployment, which resulted in thousands of 
detainees, the Copenhagen summit has shown the extent to which the great 
powers only conceive environmental protection as a market for their 

We stand together with the Greek people and those of other countries who 
demand their right to leave the euro and the EU. We fight to develop 
solidarity with all the peoples of the world, without exception. We have 
to carry out common struggles with the workers and peoples of Europe 
against exploitation, against competition among the workers, against the 
submission of the "small" countries to the imperialists, against the 
organized looting of the riches of the dominated countries. The 
construction of the EU and its currency are instruments of that policy 
which we denounce and fight.

Increase the resistance against the austerity plans throughout Europe

The resistance of the working class and peoples against the aggression 
of capital has been immediate and is taking place everywhere. In some 
countries there have been several general strikes and days of struggle. 
The anger is great as is the desire to fight to not pay for the crisis 
of the system or the debts of the oligarchy and its austerity plans.

This anger has greatly disturbed the bourgeoisie and the reformist 
parties, who have joined the austerity policy and accept its 
application. They talk about "sharing the sacrifices", however this only 
applies to the workers and peoples.

We must develop this struggle of resistance in each country and 
internationally. Particularly the trade union movement has already set 
dates for the fall; we will work to give them a greater impact and 
achieve success, to achieve a great demonstration of internationalism 
and the unity of the working class.

It is vital to work for the unity of the working class. It is the 
working class that produces surplus value and which can considerably 
pressure capital. It is the backbone of the fight against capital and 
for social transformation. The working class has been the first to 
massively resist the attacks of the employers, governments, the Brussels 
Commission, the IMF, etc.

Unions are the first instrument of resistance of the working class and 
the masses of workers of the city and the countryside. The trade union 
movement has been divided and weakened by the policy of class 
collaboration within it. But today class struggle unionism is developing 
among the rank and file through concrete struggles through trends of 
trade unionists and trade unions committed to the class struggle.

We defend class struggle trade unionism; we call on the workers to 
organize in the unions, to work for the unity of the trade union 
movement on class positions. We denounce and fight the attempts to expel 
fighting members from the unions. We work to develop international 
solidarity and trade union initiatives that reinforce the struggle of 
the workers in each country and internationally.

The immigrant workers, with or without papers, "legal" or "illegal", are 
part of the working class in each country. The monopolies need this 
labor power who, deprived of their rights, are exploited mercilessly. In 
the fierce competition that the monopolies wage among themselves, and in 
the sectors in which they cannot relocate production, this labor power 
is essential. In this context, the victorious strike carried out in 
France by the workers without papers for their regularization is of 
great importance, it encourages all those fighting on that front. This 
strike of more than eight months was supported by trade unions, women's 
associations, democratic organizations and left-wing parties. It showed 
concretely that immigrants are first and foremost workers who form part 
of the working class. It achieved a great movement of solidarity in 
public opinion, the real antidote to the attempts at division that the 
oligarchy and reaction are carrying out. These workers will take up 
their positions in the common fight to not pay for the crisis in the system

The public service workers, State officials, local territories (in 
municipalities, departments, regions, etc.) are particularly affected by 
the plans to reduce the State budgets and those of public and 
semi-public institutions. Thousands of jobs have been eliminated in all 
countries; wages are being reduced, as in Greece, where the Government 
wants to cut two months of wages. In fighting against privatization, for 
their wages, for contracts, the public service workers are also fighting 
for the users of public services.

We reject austerity plans, militarization and imperialist wars

The crisis of the world capitalist and imperialist system is sharpening 
all the contradictions, which are acquiring a more and more violent 
character. To impose the austerity plans, the oligarchy is reinforcing 
its repression and its arsenal of criminalization of the struggles of 
the workers and peoples.

The exacerbated competition for the control of markets and sources of 
raw materials has already resulted in conflicts and war. The war carried 
out by the imperialists with their armed wing, NATO, against the people 
of Afghanistan has as a backdrop the control of future gas pipelines and 
subsoil minerals.

Money should not go to war and militarization, but to meet social needs, 
education, healthcare, social protection for the vast majority. We cry 
out: "NATO troops out of Afghanistan" and "imperialist troops out of Iraq".

We show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and the population of 
Gaza, who have been suffering for months from an inhuman blockade 
organized by the reactionary government of Israel. Together with the 
forces of the world, we condemn the criminal Zionist policy and we 
demand the immediate lifting of the blockade. At the same time, we 
denounce the complicity of the EU. We support the fight of the 
Palestinian people for the effective recognition of their full national 

For an alternative to break with the imperialist capitalist system

The extreme austerity plans are hitting all layers of the population. It 
is absolutely necessary to work to unite all layers who are victims of 
this policy of social repression. We work to build this unity through 
ambitious united front policies concretized in the refusal to pay for 
the crisis of the capitalist system and its policy of austerity. It is 
the banks, shareholders and the oligarchy, which must pay for its 
crisis; we want to work with all political and social forces that share 
this objective to enforce it with our increasingly strong mobilizations.

The scope of this crisis is such that it raises the urgent need to work 
on developing and implementing policies of rupture with the system. A 
policy which must be supported by social measures and concrete policies, 
to demand right now in the fight through a large mobilization. These 
demands should be the basis of programs supported by coalitions of 
political parties, social forces and mass organizations. We will use the 
whole political and democratic field, including the electoral field, in 
order to make ourselves heard and advance our positions.

As parties and organizations of the working class, we affirm our 
conviction that the only real, lasting and effective solution to the 
crisis of the capitalist imperialist system is through tearing down this 
system and establishing socialism. That perspective is part of our struggle.

Long live the class struggle of the worker, youth and people to not pay 
for the crisis!
It is the oligarchy who should pay for it!
Long live international solidarity!
Paris, June 2010

Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) (PCE M-L)
Communist Platform of Italy (Piattaforma Comunista)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP)
Organization for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party of Greece 

Members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and 
Organizations (ICMLPO)

Observer: Organization for the Construction of the Communist Party of 
the Workers of Germany





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