[Marxism] A response to Blankfort's hatchet job on Chomsky

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Jul 28 11:09:40 MDT 2010

Manuel Barrera wrote:
> (and this despite the fact that I
> > also have numerous major disagreements with him). Leftists attacking
> > Chomsky make a child's game of politics.

> In other words, Carrol, if you have a disagreement with Chomsky it's ok, but if anybody you don't like disagrees with him, then it's a child's game?
> You can have your marbles back Leaving this playground.

I had not read any of the posts except Mark's, since we went through
this already over on lbo-talk.

If the only way you know to "help" the Palestinians is to attack
Chomsky, then the Zionists can be happy.

Can't you support a tactic or strategy without making a fool of yourself
by mouting off about Chomsky. I think I might agree with your political
point, but you ruin it with this bullshit.


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