[Marxism] The march of idiocy

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Wed Jul 28 12:37:18 MDT 2010

Today in Barcelona a coalition of carniverous imbeciles, opportunists,  
and separatist demagogues farted in the face of a three-millennial  
Mediterranean tradition of celebratory taurine sacrifice by outlawing  
the *corrida* anywhere in Catalonia.  The authors and supporters of  
this blasphemy all deserve, and will surely receive, the suitable  
penalty: their next two rebirths will be as bull-calf, once to be  
destined for the veal stall and once for the abattoir.

Shane Mage

  Porphyry in his Abstinance from Animal Flesh suggests that there
  are appropriate offerings to all the Gods, and to the highest the
only offering acceptable is silence.

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