[Marxism] A response to Blankfort's hatchet job on Chomsky

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 14:48:03 MDT 2010

Wow, Markso, Like Carrol, if somebody has a disagreement with Chomsky and questions whether his political positioning isn't as class-conscious as you are willing to grant him, then that is tantamount to being "abstract" about unity (ok, Carrol thinks we're playing games, but his indignation seems resonant with yours)? You seem more willing to question my commitment to coming together than scrutinizing a specific issue with Chomsky's views on "binational states" and "helping Israel" be better than it is. What, has Chomsky become some god whose word needs to be inculcated into the faithful?
Honestly, I was looking for a discussion on Chomsky's actual position (something that Hammand called for in his article) and all you can muster is indignation at the question? All you can do is be "astonished" at your perception that "decrying  . . .unity on the left" is abstract? Do you have anything to say on Chomsky's idea about wanting to make Israel be better than it is, opposing a boycott because it gets in the way of divestment, or just what the . . . a "binational state" means? 
Let Me Be Plain: If all that can be mustered in defense of Chomsky is to attack those who question his views and their integrity, then perhaps it isn't Chomsky that is the problem. I find this kind of response strangely all to reminiscent . . .

PS: This interchange brings to mind much more clearly why I left the Socialist Workers Party. Thanks for the reminder.
> My astonishment is that people who were just decrying the lack of unity on
> the Left would be the ones to slap such a label on Chomsky...though it does
> rather illustrate my point that abstract calls for unity usuall are nothing
> if not abstract...


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