[Marxism] The higher education bubble

brad babscritique at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 15:06:41 MDT 2010

Mark wrote:
>A certain portion of these kids stayed at it and took out loans.  Most of
these didn't graduate and those who did found that their Business Tech
degree wasn't going to land them a good job....  That along would increase
the portion of those defaulting on loans.....
Well I agree somewhat with your basic point. But I happen to be one of
those who was actually able to go to community college because of the
increase in pell grant money during this period and I did graduate and
go on.  That doesn't mean I will ever find the type of job that I
thought I would or that I will be able to pay back the huge student
loans I took on as the money dried up during the later period of my
higher ed.

That being said, the issue of student loan defaults is going to be big
(I would say bigger than the housing thingy based on the % of default
already being higher).  The left needs to get a strong position and
tactics on this worked out ASAP.  I don't know if saying that folks
shouldn't have gone to college in the first place is really the best


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