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Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 17:04:28 MDT 2010

"More Republicans (160) voted to fund the war in Afghanistan than Democrats (148). This is additional confirmation that we are living during the third Bush term."

We are, but the statistic is misleading in the extreme. Republicans, with the exception of Ron Paul and perhaps one or two others, voted against funding the war purely for political motives, because they think a "loss" in the war will give Obama a black eye, not because they're actually opposed to the war. On the other hand, many Democrats voted against the bill as a protest against the fact that money for the economy (e.g., hiring teachers) had been cut (http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_15622566 - "Some Democrats, like
Eshoo, also opposed the war funding bill because the final draft didn't
include money for the U.S. economy, including cash to stave off teacher
layoffs. "). The number of Democrats REALLY opposed to the war, and willing to vote against funding it, is still in the low double-digits (Kucinich et al.). You can bet that if the vote were actually going to go against war funding, the vast majority of the Democrats who voted against the funding would have voted for it. But since it wasn't, a few more Democrats got to emphasize their fake progressive credentials in order to allow Medea Benjamin and Michael Moore to continue justify recommending voting for them in the next election.

Eli Stephens
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